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About Us

Technologically Improved Human Approach

At Liotta OU, we offer technology, support, and vast knowledge for outsourced call center services that enable businesses and their clients to interact more efficiently.

We can help you make right decisions on products and sales.

Pricing, staffing (seasonal demand up/down), training methods, etc.

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Our Mission

Our services combine expert agent teams, unmatched flexibility to scale up or down campaigns, and a dedication to exceeding clients' expectations on every project.

Our Vision

Our work is focused on providing all of our clients with top-notch service. We are in charge of making sure that our representatives understand your company, brand and core values.

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Your connection is our work

Inbound call handling, email response, outbound telemarketing, and sector-specific services are all part of the full and custom call center solutions that each outsourcing center provides. Liotta OU assists all kinds of businesses by providing the chance for genuine customer service improvements, honest gains in sales, genuine increases in profitability, and real increases in productivity.

We effectively transform into a fully-trained department of your company that is outsourced, and as such, we provide your customers with continuity and an informed, succinct answer. Instead of just reading canned scripts, our agents are fully immersed in your business culture so they not only know what to say, but perhaps more importantly, how to say it.

We use a consultative and collaborative approach throughout the entire process. We will listen to your instructions, offer you the greatest advice on how to meet your individual objectives, and then follow through on our commitments to provide you with a rewarding and long-lasting return on your investment.

We help our customers find the most affordable solution thanks to our industry knowledge in call center outsourcing. We only want to build successful, lasting relationships, so we have an incentive to work with you to identify the optimal balance between quality, service, and cost.