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We are professionals in call centers and can offer your business very beneficial outsourcing advice & referral services. Our goal is to establish outsourcing partnerships that benefit both parties, with the call center that secures your business offering to give us a small percentage. The mission of the Liotta OU team is to offer free call center counseling & referrals regarding business clients’ outsourcing needs.

The call center executives’ partiality toward their own services is one of the challenges with call center outsourcing. However, as a client, you require objective counsel from qualified call center advisors. How, where, why, or who doesn’t matter. All that matters to us is your success.

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The goal of outsourcing is no longer to reduce expenses and save money. It involves working more quickly and effectively, entering the market before your rivals, increasing workforce flexibility, and having access to highly qualified workers. We can assist you in riding the wave of outsourcing, which is quickly becoming one of the most important business trends of this decade.

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